Holders  of the name in past times, with reference entries.

  There is an entry for a Duncan de BYRSS or Duncan de BIRSS who was a Burgess of Aberdeen

  in 1462 and the name re-appears in 1469 as Duncan of BIRSS.  Reference Source (SCM, v, P.23, CRA P.406).

  Margaret BIRSE was married in Edinburgh in 1597. (Edinburgh Marr.).

  Samuel BIRSE was a writer to the Signet in Edinburgh and was the heir to Alexander BIRSE,

  Tailor, Burgess of Edinburgh, 1611. (Inquis.  543).

  James BIRSE or BRISS in Kilsyd was a witness (in Court) in Aberdeen in 1688.   

  (R.P.C.3 Ser XII Pages 262, 272, 273).

  William BIRSS of Calurg in Finzean, fought on the winning Jacobite side at Falkirk in 1742  

   and was also 'out' again in the 1745 rebellion.

   (Source -  Robert Callander, History of BIRSE, No.3).

  Robert BIRSE was a shipmaster at Montrose in 1762. Captain of the sailing ship Catherine.

  (shown as a Smuggler)

  John BIRSS in Dykehead of Barrowstown is on record in 1762.

  John BIRSE farmer at Bottomhead, Aboyne, died 1866.

  (References  from 'Surnames of Scotland by Black', History of Birse).

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  A search at Brechin Reference Library in 1987 found 5 references to males

  with the surname BIRSE, living there in the 18th/19th centuries. Four appear

  to be local men and the 5th was classed as a 'stranger' to the Town.

 1.  Thomas BIRSE, Surgeon  (RN)  "25.10.1784",  Honorary Freeman of Brechin.

     *Brechin Burgess Record entry.*

 2. Thomas BIRSE, Surgeon "31.10.1787", son of the above. (Believed to be same man   as at 1.      Brechin Burgess Record entry.

 3. James Shepherd BIRSE, Born 15.03.1820, Dr. Surgeon, son of Freeman.

     Christened  04.07.1820.  


 4. James BIRSE, 29.08.1842, son of Freeman. (Son of 3 above).

 5.  Robert Haltman BIRSE, 22.10.1760. Stranger  to  Brechin.


  In relatively modern times, during World War 2, A Major Birse, was Russian

  translator for Winston Churchill.

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