A good friend of ours, Jen, came out for a summer break and stayed for 10 days giving her a chance to relax and recharge her batteries and she with Kit made full use of the Pool, much to my amazement able to swim lengths at the same time as keeping up a conversation. Certainly does not work for me as I seem to manage to swallow half the pool and end up wading, trouble with a mouth my size.

Our oldest daughter Kate was the next person to appear on our doorstep for a short holiday away from the NHS Trust that she works for and she really needed a place to chill out, spending most of her time reading and enjoying the sunshine. The day before we were due to take her back to the Faro Airport to fly back to the UK a coolant hose on the Campervan engine gave up the ghost and caused a bit of a panic as we are nearly 60 miles from Faro, but  neighbours insisted we borrow their car so that solved a problem. Altogether it was three weeks before our vehicle was back on the road due to  parts delivery and “No Senhor we cannot do the job till the end of next week” It’s no good moaning and groaning tomorrow is another day, certainly here.