Montemor o Velho

This Castle caught our eye as we passed it on our way to Figuiera da Foz, it has a bloody history and a miracle attached to it.
Pan001 01velho  Three escalators whisk you up to the Castle from the village beneath it. 02velho  View downwards. 03velho  A nice footpath at top of eascalator but it soon runs out.
05velho  Original Chapel from which Sao Joao a fighting priest served the people. 06velho  Main Gate through curtain wall 07velho  These square towers went out of fashion as they could be undermined. 08velho  Still impressive 500 years on.
09velho  A round tower, much harder to mine. 10velho  THe interior of the Castle is well kept . 11velho  THe paths are a pleasure to walk 12velho  Unfortunately ruins are often robbed for their stone
13velho  The work of man against that of nature. 14velho  Interior of the Chapel inside the main fortress. The arches in this shot reminded me of Giraffes. 15velho  A view of the countryside from the walls. 16velho  This Castle unlike some we have visited in Portugal is well looked after.
17velho  Part of the battlements 18velho  Once under the sway of Islam, but we are not sure if this building is from that period. 19velho  Obviously a bell tower but maybe adapted by the Christians. 21velho  Looking into the castle from the remains of a square tower.
23velho  You would certainly see your enemy approach with a view like this. 24velho  We have sen this type of narrow street leading up to the Castle at other sites, very defensive. 25velho  You get an idea of the thickness of the walls in this shot. 26velho  The centre of the Castle would not have looked like this 500 years ago.
27velho  Chapel inside the walls. 28velho  Another view over the countryside. 29velho  The other entrance to the Castle. 30velho  Remains of the battlements above the gate.
31velho  THis Chapel is not as old as the main Castle. 32velho  For whom doth the bell toll! 33velho  Inside view of the main gate and the huge butress that supports the tower above it. 34velho  The Tower.
35velho  Here on the outside wall on the right of the tower another sturdy butress.