Visit to Grimbergen, Belgium.

Camping at a beautiful campground in Grimbergen we went for a walk and found something astonishing. Use -INFO- button to see comments.
  • GrimChurch  Grimbergen Church
  • GrimCastle2  The Castle is a well cared for ruin.
  • GrimPark  The Castle grounds are a nice walk
  • GrimCastle1A  The round tower, you can see a clock top right.
  • Clock001  Clock close up.
  • Grave7  This was seen from the road so we just had to have a closer look
  • Grave2  A hand and a foot as well as a bare posterior.
  • Grave4  The family name.
  • Grave5  A shrouded face and a pleading hand
  • Grave6  Definitely the strangest memorial we have seen yet.
  • Grave1  A face at peace, the family memorial creator was an artist and a member of the family.