Evoramonte, Portugal

Another Castle we have passed by a few times this time we stopped over at the nearby Campsite so we could visit. On the day we chose a cross country mountain bike challenge used the castle as a stage.
EvMt17  Evoramonte Castle though more a fortified Palace built on an early age settlement of 2000 to 6000 BC. EvMt18 EvMt56 EvMt20
EvMt21 EvMt42 EvMt41 EvMt43
EvMt44 EvMt40 EvMt22 EvMt25
EvMt26 EvMt27 EvMt28 EvMt37
EvMt30 EvMt49 EvMt47 EvMt51
EvMt52 EvMt16 : Super restaurant EvMt01 : with fantastic views. EvMt03
EvMt04 EvMt06 EvMt15 EvMt23 : 17th Cent Church with modern motorway in background.
EvMt55 EvMt53 EvMt54 EvMt31
EvMt36 EvMt29 EvMt32 EvMt34
EvMt33 EvMt35 EvMt46 EvMt45  The original Municipal building for the village inside the walls of the Castle. : Original Council building built 1787
EvMt50 EvMt48 : Once you have rotted down, they dig you up and put you in one of these niches.